Branding Process: How we build successful Brands.


At Famouus, we excel in delivering stunning brand identities with a meaningful and purposeful concept behind them. While most businesses know ‘what’ and ‘how’ they operate, very few can clearly explain ‘why’ they do what they do. In the realm of branding, Famouus places significant emphasis on uncovering the core purpose of companies and the driving motivations of their employees. Having a strong rationale behind your brand fosters an emotional connection with your clients and team, ensuring a lasting and powerful bond.

Our  process, known as the ‘Brand Proposition’, serves as the foundation for our decision-making in the development of the ‘Brand Identity.’ We provide a range of packages for both Brand Proposition and Brand Identity, tailored to the specific needs and objectives of our clients. In this blog post, we delve into the intricacies of creating successful brands for our esteemed clients.


1- Kick Off and Understanding:

To initiate the process, we will ask you to fill out our branding questionnaire, helping you communicate your desired brand positioning. Additionally, we will request any existing collateral or inspirational materials for us to evaluate.

Subsequently, Famouus will arrange a kick-off meeting/workshop with you to discuss our strategic inquiries, branding process, and initial insights. This crucial step ensures that we have all the necessary information to kickstart our collaborative journey.

We will then dedicate the following days to an in-depth period of discovery, conducting comprehensive research on competitors and utilizing the information gathered from you to develop a unique brand proposition.


2- Brand Proposition:

This pivotal phase encompasses workshop analysis, competitive landscape assessment, and the creation of a robust brand proposition and creative strategy.

Our competitive landscape analysis enables us to understand how competitors position themselves, identifying opportunities for differentiation. Leveraging these insights, we formulate a comprehensive brand proposition that includes a clear brand promise, values, and attributes.

We compile a detailed report and recommendations, presenting them to key stakeholders through a comprehensive Brand Proposition Document.

Furthermore, our creative strategy involves crafting a compelling brand narrative, messaging framework, and thoughtful considerations for touchpoints and channel mix. We will seek your feedback and approval, solidifying your brand’s ‘why’ as the bedrock for the forthcoming visual identity.

3- Brand Visual:

The brand visual journey commences with a comprehensive period of discovery and the creation of mood boards. We leverage insights from the Brand Proposition stage to guide our creative decisions.

Initially, we will present 3 creative routes for the identity, allowing key stakeholders to provide feedback before selecting a preferred path for further development.

We will refine the chosen creative route by designing logo marks, creating identity touchpoints, and ensuring a cohesive visual representation for your brand. This refined direction will serve as the foundation for your distinctive new visual identity.

4- Typography and Brand System:

We will meticulously select fonts that complement the brand identity, emphasizing both coherence and visual appeal. Our team typically selects two fonts, a header font, and a body copy font, ensuring seamless integration across various mediums. These font selections, along with their application guidelines, will be documented in the Brand Guidelines.

Additionally, we will explore graphic elements or systems to bolster your brand’s visual identity, along with an evolved color palette and textures, if desired. These elements, along with application instructions, will also be incorporated into the Brand Guidelines.

5- Brand Guidelines:

All the elements we’ve developed will be compiled into a comprehensive digital Brand Guidelines Document. This document will serve as your organization’s go-to guide for brand positioning, tone of voice, logo usage, font application, color systems, textures, and brand touchpoints.

It will be your go-to resource for maintaining brand consistency, whether you choose to continue partnering with Famouus or any other agency in the future. The Brand Guidelines will be accompanied by a suite of logos and other brand assets.


We offer branding packages that cater to a wide range of needs, from comprehensive Brand Proposition work to the evolution of logo development components. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for guidance!

Our foremost advice is to consider your ultimate brand goals. Remember, the more thought and deliberation you put into your branding project, the better the outcomes will be, garnering greater buy-in from both your clients and your team.

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